7.7 Summary

    1. 1 cells can use gas vesiclesto rise or fall in the water column
    2. 2 or magnetosomes toorient in a magnetic field
    3. 3 they sense their environment withmembrane-embedded chemoreceptors
    4. +4 ...detecting changes in light,oxygen, and other chemicals
    5. 5 they may also assess their internalstate with cytoplasmic receptors
    6. flagellumarchaellumT4P6 receptors then send signals todirect the motility machinery
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    Concept Check Questions

    • What is the lattice arrangement of chemoreceptors in a sensory array?

    • Which proteins make up the baseplate of a chemosensory array?

    • What happens to the flagellar motor when a response regulator binds?

    • What cytoskeletal element organizes magnetosomes into a chain?

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